Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Validation Framework for java

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do something like this:
public class Address {

@NotEmpty @Max(50)
private String street1;

private String street2;

@Max(9) @NotNull
private String zipcode;



and then be able to say something like:
public class Order {
@Valid @NotNull private Address delivery;

The implications of something like this go beyond mere validation. IMHO it si an elegant solution that if built properly will improve the DRYness of the code across all layers of any java application.

This is the intention behind jsr-303. .

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Mac OS annoyance

For some reason in Mac OS, if an application does not have the focus, you would have to click twice on it to get something done. The first click will give the application the focus and the second will do what you where intending to do in the first click. In windows this is not true so for someone coming from Windows, like me, this is particularly annoying. Nonetheless it is not the end of the world.
Mac OS is definitely faster than windows for the kind of work I do on it. I am just finding it a little bit tricky to get use to its windowing system.
It could be the case that, for someone with little or no computer experience; getting use to this kind of things would be easier than it is for someone coming from a different OS.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Amigo camino a la fama.

Tengo un amigo cineasta de hace mas de 20 anos que, con su opera prima como director, parece haberle acertado al clavo en la cabeza.
La verdad yo siempre crei en el. Muchos no, y no los culpo por que despues de empezar y dejar inconclusas carreras de musica, psicologia y filologia, hay que tener mucha fe en alguien para seguir creyendo que podria llegar a algo. Finalmente encontro se verdadera profesion como cineasta lo cual me hace extremedamante feliz.
Ale, te deseo toda la suerte del mundo, aunque se que, como hasta ahora, la suerte te la haras tu mismo.

Software Market works upside-down

What an interesting take on the software market this is.

Monday, March 03, 2008

No mnemonics in MAC OS X?

I just got a new mac book pro!! I am extremely excited about it.
I have always been a windows guy; and not, I am not exactly ashamed of it. As a developer, the majority of my career has been working on the java platform even though windows was my platform of choice for development.
Anyway, now I find my self lost around mac os x. I have to say that I am having a blast learning to work with it but today I think I found something that in my opinion is pretty serious.
As I started coding away on eclipse in my new mac I went to create a new test class and, to my surprise, eclipse has no mnemonics at all on the mac os platform. On windows I'll go shift+alt+n+j+j+enter to open the new test class dialog, alt+o to select the source folder and alt + f to finalize the wizard. On the mac I'll have to go back to using the mouse for this and many many other things I do just with the keyboard in windows.
At the beginning I thought I was missing some hack in the eclipse configuration to activate this but then realized that iTunes, or any other native mac application for that matter, have no mnemonic support at all. Then I called a fellow developer who is a big mac advocator and he pointed me out to this
(search for mnemonics) and here clearly states that mnemonics are not inline with Aqua guidelines.
Am I the only one who makes heavy use of the keyboard? How come no mac fan ever complained about not been able to drive his/her IDE from the keyboard??